My First Time at WPPI!

I flew into Las Vegas on Sunday for the WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photography conference and expo. It’s a week long event filled with lots of informative exhibitions and keynote speakers from world renown photographers coming from every part of the globe.
To be surrounded by such levels of greatness of those who are continuing to master their craft has been a very humbling and inspirational experience.

I love that there are others who love to teach and impart their own wisdom and knowledge that they have gained through their human experience of practicing this art. It’s encouraging to know that we all struggle at some point in our paths of creating, establishing a brand and an identity.

How do we get better? How do we improve and grow? How do we become people of excellence in our relationships with others and our field of work?

We can all ask ourselves these questions, no matter what we do for a living or for work.
My takeaways so far is that we always need to continue learning. Education is key to growth but putting that knowledge and wisdom of experience is where we begin to see things change and evolve in our personal lives and with the things that we bring to the world.

Be willing to admit that you don’t have it all figured out and put yourself in the right environment to spurn that growth and learning so that you can become one step better than the person you were yesterday or even a year ago.

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