Riding on Elephants

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Riding on Elephants

Stumbled upon these photos from my mission trip to Thailand with some friends from ROLCC (River of Life Christian Church) this past summer. We got to ride on elephants through a local village where they took care of the elephants.


It’s quite different seeing things from up above and to treat these areas as an form of entertainment but I wonder what it’s like to live there in these places.


How humbling of an experience it was (even though I was elevated on the back of an elephant) to ride through this small village. It just made me remember how good we all have it and to be grateful for what we do have.


Thailand is my original birth country – although I am Vietnamese & Cambodian because of my parents. It was quite the journey being born as a refugee and making it to the states with the love of my wonderful parents and our supportive family here in the states. It took me over 28 years of my life to return to Thailand.


I will always remember Thailand for obvious reasons, but I also will never forget the work that we were able to contribute to the cause of Thrive Rescue Home.


I’ll be back some day to visit Thailand when I have more time… to help make a difference.


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