Heaven’s gain

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Heaven’s gain

Just got word from my sister back home that a good friend of mine from Alabama passed away.

Oh man…I never thought I would lose so many people in this lifetime… this early in my life.

I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep this morning only to get up and hear about this. As the tears stream down my face I also find God reminding me of the impact and the goodness I have been so blessed to experience by the presence of another person, someone who I called a brother.

Timothy, we went through so much together. Only you know and I know it. I remember the times we laughed, the times argued and even the times we’ve cried and prayed with one another. Although time and distance have separated us since I left home, I will always remember you. I also know that you are in a better place. You are finally ‘home’ where you belong. I will see you again one day.”

My thoughts and prayers are with The Bridges’ family, for comfort, peace, strength and hope during their time of their loss and Heaven’s gain.

And God, thank you for reminding me to be grateful for people that I still have in my life, that we are here but for a very brief moment, and most importantly, for reminding me to love while the day is still here. Thank you for reminding me that this life is so short and that we’ve only have so much time to make a difference here on earth. Lastly, thank you for reminding me to love every moment, to love who I’m with, and to love the life that you gave me to live.”



I find myself listening to this song whenever I need to be reminded of The Hope that I will see my loss loved ones again some day.


Through my own self reflections this morning, I think about all the other people that I meet along the way through my photography. When I see someone from my perspective, whether it be a little girl dancing on the floor, or the grandpa that is not able to walk but he is surrounded by all of his family and children I think to myself from behind my camera lens, “This photo will be priceless to someone some day.”

I sure wish I still had those old film photographs of Timothy and I right about now but I don’t. It’s strange how thing’s get lost over time isn’t it? I remember reading this quote once, it says, “We always regret the photos that we didn’t take.” All of you are probably wondering what my rants are all about, but I hope that sharing about my experience can at least help one person who take nothing for granted today. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Let’s cherish one another – Today.

We’ve only got one life. Let’s do it right so we have no regrets.

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