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I saw this little girl playing on the rocks at Anne & James‘ wedding. The girl featured is James’ younger sister. I saw them dancing near the rocksĀ  and during one of their breaks I observed her climb and balance herself on the the rocks. I told her, “Fly!” and this is what she wanted to show me.

What is it about children that make them feel and behave so freely? What can we learn from them? What have we lost as adults? Have we lost our child like spirit? When I saw this little girl, I was reminded to look at the ocean. To feel the wind. To take in all the colors. To simply breathe and thank God that I am alive right now.

What are some things in your life that have been distracting you and holding you back from living a life that you truly want to experience? I want to encourage you to find some time during the day, away from work or after work, to think about what really makes you feel alive, and to go do it!

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